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The project is co-financed by LIFE+, the EU's financial instrument
supporting environmental and nature conservation projects


Demonstration of a Small scale Mobile Agricultural Residue gasification unit for decentralized Combined Heat and Power production
If we were able to utilize all available agricultural byproducts in Macedonia and other rural areas, then we could replace 10% of the energy used today with energy from biomass.
A. Zabaniotou, AUTh
A versatile unit that will produce useful energy, heat and electricity, minimizing transportation costs.
G. Giantsopoulos, UACA


Utilization of biomass in energy production helps reduce GHG emissions, replace fossil fuels and achieve energy supply independence. However, high biomass transportation costs present a roadblock towards biomass utilization projects.


A versatile unit which enables the operation close to the place of feedstock origin, minimizing transportation and logistics costs, would offer a solution to this issue. The concept of SMARt CHP combines two well established technologies, biomass gasification and gas engine power generation in a fully portable unit. This mobile unit will be capable of operating at different locations producing heat and power with high thermodynamic efficiency.


A prototype unit has been developed, producing approximately 4.7kWel and 12.5kWth, consuming 4-4.5kg/h of biomass. Biomass thermal utilization takes place in a fluidized bed reactor, where a gaseous fuel is produced. The gasifier is coupled to a gas engine that is appropriately modified and optimized in order to operate with the low energy content gas of the gasifier.







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